What is Matriculation in India and its Meaning?

matriculation meaning in india and matriculation certificate

What is Matriculation in general? Matriculation is a word that may sound familiar. This school leaving certificate denotes the completion of secondary school education. It signifies the successful completion of secondary education, and one can proceed to college or university after acquiring this certificate. This article will explain everything about Matriculation in India. The matriculation […]

Phoenix Falcon 250 ATV Bike – Price, Features, Specifications

Top 5 atv bikes in india phoenix moto corp flacon 250

Phoenix Moto Corp is an ATV bike manufacturer in India. Phoenix Falcon 250 is one of their powerful ATV vehicles. Phoenix Falcon 250 has a very high-quality design and performance model for the off-road. Phoenix Falcon 250 features a 250cc, 4 stroke engine with a CDI ignition system. Phoenix Falcon 250 is very popular among […]