Which Bike Should a College Student Buy – New or Used?

There are many options for a student to buy a bike in India, and it depends upon various factors like the distance from college, fuel efficiency, cheap to buy, etc. In India, a Bike means the motorcycle one and not the bicycle one. While buying a bike, you can either go for a brand new bike or a used one. This article will clarify all the doubts and the best bike for college students.

new or used bikes for college students

We should consider the price as an essential aspect while purchasing a bike. Remember that whatever you buy in your college, the parent/guardian has to pay for that. Bikes are expensive, and not everyone in the country can afford them. But in college, you might need a bike if you stay far away from the college or want to go for a movie or a brunch. Let’s look at the bike types you can choose in India.

Bike Types in India

Scooters / Motorcycles without Gear: Scooters are small, compact and easy to use. These bikes come with low power 50cc and above, so high scooters’ fuel efficiency. Scooters are trendy in the youth. One can also store items in the storage compartment, which you might not find in other types of bikes—examples: Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access are the most popular scooters in India.

Commuter Motorcycles: This motorcycle is widely popular in India in all age categories and is primarily the best bike for college students. Usually, commuter motorcycles have power between 100cc to 150cc. For someone who is a daily traveller always prefers a commuter bike. Overall, commuter motorcycles give a better performance and mileage—examples: Bajaj Pulsar, Hero Splendour, Honda Shine, etc.

Sport Bikes: Sport Bikes are also prevalent in the youth of India. People often buy a sportbike primarily because of its look and comfort. Also, the performance of a sports bike is superior, and the mileage of sportbikes is less compared to commuter bikes and scooters—examples: TVS Apache, Yamaha R15, etc.

Street Bikes: Street bikes have become quite famous in the last decade. This type usually has a muscular body and no windscreen, and street bikes also have impressive performance. Examples: Yamaha Fz, Bajaj Pulsar NS 200, etc.

Cruiser Bikes: Cruiser Bikes has comfort and ease in all aspect. The seats are comfy, and you can drive for a more extended period. The weight of cruiser bikes is high. If you are an explorer and want to go for an adventure ride, then a cruiser bike is an excellent choice—examples: Royal Enfield Bullet, Bajaj Avenger, etc.

New or Used Bike for College Students?

The puzzle is whether you should go for the best stylish, good-looking bike, commuter economy bike, or scooter in college. So what is the best bike for college students? You can choose what condition bike you should buy as a college student according to certain factors.

  • If you want to use a bike for many years and maintain the bike properly as if it is a part of your life, you should go for a new one. Look at which bike type suits your personality and whether it will fulfil your needs in daily routine.
  • If you are someone who is just starting your college journey and want to purchase a bike just for the college years then a used bike is the best bike for the beginners.
  • If you want to buy a cheap and budget friendly bike, then a suitable choice should be a new commuter bike or an used sports bike.
  • Often used bikes require more maintainence than a brand new bike. Its because used bike has already been run for thousands of kilometers and engine in the bike starts to lose its strength as the day passes by.
  • A new scooter is also an ideal choice in college as it has the storage compartment which can help you many times in your college years for storing foods, books, vehicle papers, helmets, etc.

Criteria for Driving Bikes in India

You should be at least 16 years or older for driving a bike in India. If you are driving a bike without gears, you must be 16 years or older. For bikes with gear, the minimum age is 18. Also, parent/ guardian consent is necessary for a driving licence application.

The most important thing is never drive a bike without a license and always wears a helmet while driving.

First, you have to apply for a learners license valid for six months from the date of issuance. After one month, you can apply for the actual license following a driving test. After clearing the test, submit your application, and the license will be delivered after two months of the driving test.

You can apply for a driving license from the Pariwahan Sarathi website (LINK)


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