TCS Adibatla: Unveiling the Opportunities, Growth, and Perks

tcs adibatla building image

What if I told you that a new IT hub is emerging in India, ready to rival the likes of Bangalore and Pune? Yes, you read that right! The city of Hyderabad is now home to one of the most significant IT projects in the country – TCS Adibatla. This article will provide a comprehensive […]

What is NAAC and NBA Accreditation?


There are over fifteen thousand colleges in India which AICTE approves in 2023. As we know, the students’ quality passing out from colleges is getting more inferior day by day. The biggest reason is not researching the colleges before getting into one. For addressing the deterioration in quality in education, the government of India established […]

Long Form of Periodic Table – Structure, Details and Numeric Values

long form of modern periodic table

The modern periodic table, or the long form of the periodic table, are positioned in ascending order of the atomic numbers. This table is more accurate, and the prediction of the elements and their compounds can be made more exact. Also, this table can fix the limitations of Mendeleev’s periodic table. Structure of the Modern […]

Difference Between BE and BTech – A Detailed Overview

difference between be and btech

After completing high school, the engineering trend is going on for decades and will continue for many more years. For Engineering Aspirants, after completing high school, the main question often arises that what is the difference between BE and B tech. The experts from the particular field have answered the questions, but many points are […]