Udemy Certificate Value in a Fresher Job – Analysis 2023

Udemy is among the most popular online education programs, with over 35 million pupils and 57,000 teachers teaching classes in over 65 languages. You receive the best classes in the marketplace for a specific education class on Udemy. After finishing a program, Udemy supplies certification of completion. This article will go over the Udemy certificate value in a more demanding project and what it really means for India’s pupils and professionals.

udemy certificate value in india

There’s a buzz among the Indian students that a course certificate has immense importance and will land them a job. It is actually true, but there is a catch.

Although everyone has heard about Udemy and the platform’s reputation, it’s not about the certificate you gained but the skill you learned on Udemy, which will matter in the job selection.

Udemy Certificate of Completion Value in India

After the pandemic, the EduTech industry has rapidly risen in India. This means that many students will start enrolling in different courses through various platforms.

So what would happen previously in a Job Interview regarding a Udemy Certificate of Completion in a CV?

The interviewer might have heard about Udemy. However, the Udemy certificate of completion will not play an important role there. The thing that will matter is the skill you have learned from the course and the ability to apply that particular skill in the real world. The point to learn here is whether you are confident about what you have learned when that course. If so, only then must you put certificates in a CV.

The same case will be applicable after 2020. The only difference will be the certificate value of an online course will increase enormously. This is because of the rise in the EduTech industry.

Will the value of a Udemy certificate increase after 2023?

The interview process is virtual in most parts of the country after the pandemic. The interviewer will ask about your skills and not the certificates in most cases. If you feel confident enough that you have achieved that skill from the Udemy course. Then you should definitely mention the certificate and the skill you have learned to the interviewer.

Key Points to Grab about Udemy Certificates and It’s Value in India

  1. The Ability will be the leverage Rather than the Certificate.
  2. The Application of the skills learned from the course in the real world.
  3. Do not put more than three certificates on your CV. ( Always Keep CV sterile )
  4. The Udemy Certificate won’t guarantee a job but will be helpful for your career.
  5. If the course is of a longer duration (more than ~30hrs), the certificate might have the upper hand.
  6. Select a Udemy course having more practical assignments. It will have a positive influence on the certificate.
  7. If you are an experienced professional, then a Udemy certificate might not have any value and will create a negative impression.
  8. Udemy provides the Certificate of Completion and not the Certificate of Qualification.
  9. Udemy Certificates have lesser value than Coursera and EDX certificates.
  10. You will surely land a job if you’ve mastered a skill from any Udemy course.

Top Udemy Courses for Landing a Job

The Web Developer Bootcamp – Colt Steele

Rating: 4.7/5

190,409 ratings

624,415 students

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

Rating: 4.5/5

123,094 ratings

523,794 students

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Rating: 4.5/5

195,108 ratings

580,257 students


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