Final Year Engineering Project Ideas for Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

In the engineering course curriculum, it is compulsory to do a project in the final year of the course. This final year project plays an essential role in the whole engineering degree as well as in students career opportunities. It takes a lot of effort to find the topic for the final year engineering projects.

There are various aspects to consider before finalizing the project. It includes the requirements, time management, and the perfect execution of the project. For a computer science final year project, it is essential to apply all the phases of the SDLC.

final year engineering projects

Final Year Engineering Projects Ideas For Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

There are boundless possibilities for choosing a final year engineering projects for CSE. You can make an app for the government. A CSE student can also create an online app for only doctors. You can also develop an app for farmers. While there are so many ideas for a computer science project, but to choose one is the most challenging part of the process. Here are some of the best final year engineering project ideas for CSE.

  • Plasma Donation App – Due to coronavirus, there is a massive need for plasmas in India. Making a Plasma donation app which will use GPS, and Bluetooth to track the donors is an excellent choice for the project this year. A mobile app will be ideal for this project, and the technology recommendation would be Flutter.
  • COVID-19 Beds Availability App – This app would also be beneficial for the society this year. In, India, the coronavirus cases are rising tremendously. The new patients are unable to find beds in the COVID centre. You can use the API from various hospitals, government websites for the data. Flutter recommended for the technology.
  • Fraud Detection using Machine Learning – Using the concept of Machine Learning and Neural Networks, a fraud detection web app is easy to make. Yet, the algorithm should be trained and tested with many features and classes. Python Flask would be great for fraud detection through machine learning.
  • Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning – This might be ideal for a final year project. Sentiment analysis is done using natural language processing, text analysis, linguistics, and image recognition. Django and Flask would be favourable for this app.
  • Weather Monitoring and Prediction using IoT and Machine Learning – The weather monitoring system would be suitable for a local area or a country. It can be done manually using IoT and Machine Learning. The other way is to use the API of the weather channels and using machine learning for the prediction. Flask, Django, Raspberry Pi, and TensorFlow would be an excellent choice.
  • 3D Mobile Game using Unity or Unreal Engine – The number of gamers in the world is increasing rapidly, and the gaming community is growing fast. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, COD, are some of the widely popular game in the world. Thus a 3D Game development would make an excellent final year project as well it may have some great career opportunities. C++, C#, and Java are the technologies and to be used.
  • Hostel Mobile App – There are plenty of hostels in India which does not have their online presence. All the online transactions and the acknowledgement would ease the manual work. There are many Hostels and PG’s like Zolo and Oyo Life who already have their online presence. It would make a perfect final year project. You could either use Flutter or React Native for the development.
  • Movie Recommendation System – It would be purely based on Machine Learning. Thus, it would ease the task of finding a good movie. There are not so many apps similar to this. You can make a web app as well as a mobile app. Flutter, React, Flask, can be used for this app.

How to Do the Best Projects in Computer Science Engineering?

The best team and the hard-work make the ultimate final year project. The best final year engineering projects can be found by analysing your surroundings. You can easily choose a final year project topic on your own. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Find out the research papers from the Internet. You will get multiple project ideas which you can work.
  2. UI/UX is also a decisive factor when making a final year project. The app should be pleasing when a user is using it.
  3. The backend of your project should be robust. A single bug from the backend can be disastrous for the whole project.
  4. The presentation of the project also plays a vital role as the duration of the project exam would be 5-10 minutes.
  5. You can also find a decent existing project which you can further work.
  6. The creativity also plays a vital role when making a final year project.
  7. The last thing would be the interaction of the users with the app.

The final year project examination is just an initial stage of your career. The project you make describes how you apply your knowledge and skills in the real-world application. It will benefit you in career opportunities and will help you get into your dream company. GOOD LUCK!


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