5 Most Intelligent Answers to “Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship?”

You might be the best in your batch. You might have a strong understanding of your niche. But suppose you are not confident in answering the questions in an interview for an internship. In that case, you might not get hired for an internship in your dream company. During an interview, the most frequent question is, “Why should you be hired for this internship?

In most cases, the job is totally dependant on how you answer this particular question. Some might think what a ridiculous question is this. But there is a standard script for every recruiter where this question is mandatory.

You have to be quick and confident to answer whenever you hear from the recruiter, “Why should we hire you?” or “Why you should be hired for this internship?“. Now, there no generic answer to this question.

It might depend on the mood of the recruiter whether to ask this question or not. Still don’t gamble. Be ready if the recruiter asks this question. You will have to do your preparation well in advance.

Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship

First, answer all the questions related to your niche. You can quickly clear 80% of the interview by answering all the common questions. Research well about the company you are interviewing. Its vision, how the core management works, and what you like the best about the corporation. It will determine that you are confident enough and well aware of the corporation.

The “Why should you be hired for this internship?” will probably be the last question for the interview. It might be the most troubling question to answer. If not answered correctly, the interviewer might lose interest in you indefinitely. Most of the time, candidates make an error in answering and cannot construct the sentences correctly. You have got to know one thing.

“Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship?” – What does it indicate?

1. Willingness to work.
2. Ability to act accordingly.
3. How unique you are.
4. How creative you are.
5. Enthusiastic about learning more.

It becomes the most crucial question in the interview. There are now platforms like internshala, which provide internship from various corporations. The recruiters frame 2-3 pre-interview questions, including the “Why should you be hired for this internship?” on the website itself. It means that your application might be rejected before the primary interview round. Now, you should act accordingly without making any errors.

Here are some of the answers that will help you crack the question undoubtedly.

5 Answers For “Why should you be hired for this internship?”

Answer 1

“Being a fresher, I possess some modern and innovative ideas. I have a decent commitment and determination towards work. I can quickly adapt to the requirements and necessities of the company. The organization will help me grow and develop in the industry inevitably. And I believe that joining this company will not only prove to be adequate but help me enhance myself for the future.

I can assure you that I will be wholly committed and do whatever necessary to better this organization. I might not be the best in the industry, but I am confident enough that one day I might become one while working in your company.”

Answer 2

“As a person, I believe that you should be dedicated entirely to your work. I always work hard, and I work smart. I acknowledge in doing work with morality and honesty while completing any task or assignment.

Looking at my academic activities, you’ll find that I am the best at my college. But what I believe that the foundation you build in your career starts with the first organization you are working with initially. While working with your organization, I reckon I can create a strong core foundation in my career.”

Answer 3

“It is said that the Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step. For me, this is the first step. This internship would mean a lot in acquiring experience in my domain of education. I will get a broad understanding of how the industry works, from managing the work stress to some of the field’s advanced strategies.

I will also get to know the basic rules and regulations and the challenges faced in the corporate world. This work is furthermore an excellent opportunity to learn from other experienced people and their ideas. I believe that would be a perfect chance for me to step into the corporate world and gain its exposure.”

Answer 4

“I can manage and adapt the workload effectively and responsibly. For the prosperity of the company, I will do everything in my power. Always work hard and smart in a short period is what I believe. I am punctual in completing the assignment and submitting it on time.

My mentor, who is in an organization, told me always to understand the significance of completing the assignment in time and its consequences if not delivered in time. With that kept in mind, I will always make the work accomplished in time no matter what the circumstances.”

Answer 5

“I want to do this internship to know my potential from the corporate point of view. Currently, I am in my final year and have the best academic proficiency in my domain. So, to apply that knowledge and experience, this internship might be a decent opportunity.

I can also discover new techniques, strategies, protocols while working in your company. It will enable me to get exposed to the corporate area. I am sure that this internship will get me a promising and formidable career. “

Tips for your answers to “Why should you be hired for this internship?”

  • Tell me about your ambitions/goals.
  • Highlight your skills/abilities.
  • Try to communicate with a story.
  • Tell me about your excellence in academic activities.
  • Elaborate about how responsible you are.
  • Talk about how different and unique you are.
  • Signify about how you will contribute to the company.


You have to be always confident and courageous while entering into the corporate world. Hard work and commitment to work will help you achieve any internship. The single-step will start with the training you are going to.

Sometimes, the internship you go into defines or illustrates your future and how you might evolve in the industry.

What is a part-time internship?

A part-time internship is working a lesser time in a day in an organization, along with academia.

Is there any NGO internship for law students?

Yes, NGO internships are available for law students. CRY, Teach for India, MARG, DEF, GOONJ, etc. are some of the NGO’s that provide training.

Is there any work from home web development internship?

Yes, after the COVID-19 crisis, there have been many web development internship opportunities for students while working from home.

What is Internshala?

Internshala is an online internship portal where you can apply for various internships, jobs, and online training. It is India’s most extensive Internship and training platform, which comprises of numerous organizations that frequently provide internships.

Is Internshala good?

Internshala is an excellent place for those who are seeking internships and online training. It has vast numbers of recruiters who post an internship opportunity daily.


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