Best Free Ethical Hacking Course Online in Hindi

The students often go for software development, data analytics, software testing, and web development jobs after completing the degree. These IT jobs pay a high salary in the market, but the trend is changing. Ethical Hacking has gained quite popularity nowadays. The wages of an Ethical Hacker can go up to 40 LPA in India. In this post, you’ll get to know the best ethical hacking course online free in Hindi.

ethical hacking course online free in hindi

It is challenging to find a perfect online course that will guarantee a job. The best way to learn a course online is to dedicate most of the time to the course. There is numerous ethical hacking course online in Hindi, which are free.

Below you’ll find the best ethical hacking courses, where you can learn ethical hacking from scratch and which will land you an Ethical Hacker fresher job or a senior ethical hacker job.

1. Ethical Hacking Tutorial in Hindi – By Edureka

This tutorial is a playlist that consists of 11 different videos of different concepts in Ethical Hacking. The concepts are explained thoroughly, and you can learn the concepts practically. From the Installation of Kali Linux to the Cryptanalysis and Brute Force Attack, all the concepts are covered in this course.


  1. What is Ethical Hacking
  2. Goals of Ethical Hacking
  3. Why Ethical Hacking is Important
  4. What is a Security Threat
  5. Types of Security Threats
  6. Security Threats: Preventive Measures
  7. Ethical Hacker Skills
  8. Why Learn Programming
  9. Ethical Hacking Tools
  10. What is Social Engineering
  11. Phases of Social Engineering
  12. Social Engineering Techniques
  13. Cryptography
  14. Cryptanalysis
  15. Cryptanalysis Techniques
  16. Standard Cryptographic Algorithms
  17. RC4 Decryption Demonstration


COURSE LINK: Ethical Hacking Tutorial in Hindi – Edureka

2. Ethical Hacking Tutorial (Hindi) | Theory & Practicals | Kali Linux – By Fortify Solutions

In this course, ethical hacking is explained easily through theory and practicals both. The ethical hacking teaching skills here some of the best in India. There is a more comprehensive approach and practical based learning with this course.


  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  2. Download and Installation of VMware workstation
  3. Download and Installation of Kali Linux
  4. Footprinting Theory
  5. Httrack website copier – mirror website
  6. Website Information Gathering Tool – whois (Kali Linux)
  7. Website Information Gathering Tool – NSlookup (Kali Linux)
  8. URLcrazy (Kali Linux)
  9. Theharvester Tool
  11. RED HAWK – Vulnerability Scanning
  12. DMitry – Information Gathering
  13. 3rd Session – Overview of next Session
  14. Scanning in Ethical Hacking, Type of Hacking
  15. NMAP – Network exploration tool and security port scanning
  16. Enumeration
  17. Dnsenum – DNS Attack (exploits)
  18. NTFS Stream Manipulation
  19. Change MAC Address Windows 10 -Device Manager
  20. Steganography tool – Image Steganography tools
  21. Sniffing in Ethical Hacking
  22. Social Engineering (Type, phases and other)
  23. Session Hijacking
  24. Hacking Web Server
  25. Hacking Web Applications
  26. Fingerprint Web Server (OTG-INFO-002)
  27. Sublist3r Tool in Kali Website Enumeration
  28. Web Application Firewall – Detection with WAFW00F
  29. Cross Site Scripting (XSS) – lab
  30. How to make word list using crunch tool
  31. IoT Hacking
  32. Cryptography
  33. How to Encrypt/Decrypt file in linux using GPG
  34. How to Encrypt/Decrypt the Disk using VeraCrypt Tool


COURSE LINK: Ethical Hacking Tutorial (Hindi) | Theory & Practicals | Kali Linux – Fortify Solutions

3. Kali Linux For Ethical Hacking Full Course For Beginners – By Masters in I.T

If you have zero knowledge about ethical hacking, then this is the course that will set you up with a strong foundation in Ethical Hacking. This course is around 3 hours long and completes the vast majority of topics.


  1. History of Kali Linux and what is kali linux and Difference between Backtrack and Kali linux
  2. Linux Distribution
  3. Linux fundamentals
  4. What is kernel
  5. Types of kernel – Monolithic kernel, Micro kernel, Hybrid Kernel
  6. what is shell
  7. Types of shell
  8. Linux file system hierarchy
  9. Linux file types
  10. Linux command line
  11. Linux working with files
  12. Linux directories
  13. Linux special key strokes
  14. Linux control operators
  15. Linux shell variables
  16. Linux I/O Redirection
  17. Filter and Pipes in linux
  18. Basic linux tools
  19. Regular expression in Linux
  20. Introduction to vi, vim, nano
  21. Linux process management
  22. Scripting introduction
  23. Linux bash shell scripting
  24. Introduction to user management in kali Linux
  25. Introduction to group management in kali Linux
  26. File permissions in linux
  27. Networking in kali linux
  28. Kali linux password breaking
  29. How to make bootable live USB of kali Linux

RATINGS: 4.5/5

COURSE LINK: Kali Linux For Ethical Hacking Full Course For Beginners – Masters in I.T

Best Udemy Ethical Hacking Course Online in Hindi

Ethical Hacking Beginners Course In Hindi – By Sachin Verma

This course on Udemy covers all the core topics of ethical hacking as well as advanced topics. In this course, a more practical approach is favored. You will build a strong foundation in ethical hacking through this course, which will definitely land you a good job. This course is undoubtedly a value for money.


  1. Practical Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Skills
  2. Ethical Hacking in Hindi
  3. Active and Passive Information Gathering
  4. Network Hacking and Defenses
  5. DNS Reconnaissance and Footprinting
  6. Online Information Gathering Tools
  7. Hackers Search Engine (Shodan)
  8. Exploring Google Hacking Techniques (GHDB)
  9. IP Address and Location Tracing like Hackers
  10. Attacking Company’s Network
  11. Advanced Reconnaissance with Nmap
  12. Automate Vulnerability Scanning with Nessus

RATING: 4.1/5 on Udemy

COURSE LINK: Ethical Hacking Beginners Course In Hindi – Sachin Verma


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