What is SSLC and Matriculation in India? – Analysis 2022

In the year 2022, around 1850000 students have appeared for the 10th class board exam from the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Many students from the state boards have also appeared for the 10th class board examination. Everyone has heard the term SSLC and Matriculation in 2022. But only a few know the meaning […]

Which Bike Should a College Student Buy – New or Used?

new or used bikes for college students

There are many options for a student to buy a bike in India, and it depends upon various factors like the distance from college, fuel efficiency, cheap to buy, etc. In India, a Bike means the motorcycle one and not the bicycle one. While buying a bike, you can either go for a brand new […]

Best Free Ethical Hacking Course Online in Hindi

The students often go for software development, data analytics, software testing, and web development jobs after completing the degree. These IT jobs pay a high salary in the market, but the trend is changing. Ethical Hacking has gained quite popularity nowadays. The wages of an Ethical Hacker can go up to 40 LPA in India. […]

Difference Between Product Based and Service Based Company in India

Software/IT companies have evolved a lot in the past decade. They will continue to innovate and discover new possibilities in science and technology. India has also played an essential role in software and technology. Companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc., have made a breakthrough in hiring millions of graduates and non-graduates from India in the […]

Holiday List 2021 West Bengal

West Bengal is located in India’s eastern part and is home to the Freedom Fighter Subhas Chandra Bose. It is the fourth most populous state in India. The Capital of West Bengal is Kolkata and is the largest city in West Bengal. Bengali is the native, official and the most spoken language in the state. […]

Bank and Public Holidays in Maharashtra 2021

Maharashtra is located in the Western Peninsula region and is the home of the Maharashtrian people. The native and the most spoken language in this state is Marathi. There are two major rivers in the State: Godavari and Krishna. In this article, we will find the bank and public holidays in Maharashtra for the year […]

Central Government Holidays 2021 List

The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions announced the holiday’s list of 2021 on 10th June 2020. In this article, you will find the list of central government holidays of the year 2021. Important Points Related to the Central Government Holiday’s List 2021 1. A central government employee will also be allowed to avail […]

Udemy Certificate Value in a Fresher Job – Analysis 2021

Udemy is among the most popular online education programs, with over 35 million pupils and 57,000 teachers teaching classes in over 65 languages. You receive the best classes in the marketplace for a specific education class on Udemy. After finishing a program, Udemy supplies certification of completion. This article will go over the Udemy certificate […]

How To Earn Money From YouTube in India in 2021

YouTube is one of the most significant platforms to showcase your skills and work to the world. The world is now shifting from content reading to watching videos. Before we dive into how to earn money from YouTube in India, let’s see some of the mind-blowing facts about YouTube. Facts About YouTube YouTube gets 30 […]

Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal Registration and Login 2021

The brief details about rajiv gandhi career portal rajasthan | rajiv gandhi career portal official website, login, registration process, student unique ID, school mirror ID, shaladarpan ID | rajcareerportal.com | is given below. What is Rajiv Gandhi Career Portal? The Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Portal has been launched by the Government of Rajasthan, also known […]