What is SSLC and Matriculation in India? – Analysis 2023

In the year 2023, around 1850000 students have appeared for the 10th class board exam from the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Many students from the state boards have also appeared for the 10th class board examination. Everyone has heard the term SSLC and Matriculation in 2023. But only a few know the meaning of What is SSLC and Matriculation. In this post, you’ll know the exact meaning and details of both terms.

Now, you must understand that SSLC and SSC are two different things. Everyone is entirely aware of the term SSC. There are several government exams in India. SSC, which stands for Staff Selection Committee, is one of the most critical government exams in India. The government of India conducts the SSC exam every year.

What is SSLC and Matriculation

SSLC: SSC also stands for Secondary School Certificate, is a certificate you get after completing the class 10th board exams. On the other hand, SSLC, which stands for Secondary School Leaving Certificate, is also obtained after the completion of the class 10th. The SSLC is the proof that you have your education completed till class 10th. In almost every states, SSLC is a mandatory criterion for some of the entrance exams after 10th.

Matriculation: Matriculation term is commonly used when a student is entering into a University or becoming eligible for a certain academic examination. In India, Matriculation refers to the class 10th of secondary education or a student who is studying in class 10th. It is the final year of secondary or high school education.

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Features of SSLC and Matriculation

SSLC and Matriculation both refer to the class 10th of the Indian secondary education system. SSLC is the leaving certificate which is provided by the end of class 10th. Matriculation refers to a student who is studying in class 10th. The Features of SSLC Matriculation are as follows.

  • SSLC and Matriculation both terms used in the final year of secondary education, which is class 10th.
  • The first five years of education from the 1st class until the 5th class is the Primary School.
  • Secondary School Education starts with the class 6th to the class 10th.
  • The final two years of school is the high school.
  • After Matriculation, the student can either go to Diploma course or continue the intermediate class of 2 years.

What is the Difference Between SSLC and Matriculation?

SSLC and Matriculation are both related to class 10th yet the meaning of both the notably different. Here are some of the difference between SSLC v/s Matriculation

  1. SSLC stands for Secondary School Leaving Certificate, which is issued after the completion of the class 10th whereas Matriculation means the student who is studying in the class 10th.
  2. Secondary School Leaving Certificate is a certificate system which is mandatory to follow in every school whereas Matriculation is the final year of the Secondary School.
  3. SSLC is a Mandatory Certificate required to get admission in a college after 10th whereas Matriculation is the final year which has to be completed by appearing to the board exams.

SSLC and Matriculation in RRB

RRB stands for Railway Recruitment Board. Every year railway recruits tens of thousands of candidates across the country. The RRB conducts an entrance exams and interview for the recruitment in the Indian Railways. There is also a Junior Engineer post in RRB commonly called as RRB JE.

RRB has various criteria for the candidates to appear for the exam. The main criteria for appearing in the RRB exams is to complete the 10th class. The SSLC is proof that you have completed the class 10th. Thus, it is necessary to provide the SSLC certificate to appear for the RRB or the Railway exams. 

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