Difference Between Product Based and Service Based Company in India

Difference Between Product Based and Service Based Company in India

Software/IT companies have evolved a lot in the past decade. They will continue to innovate and discover new possibilities in science and technology. India has also played an essential role in software and technology. Companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc., have made a breakthrough in hiring millions of graduates and non-graduates from India in the […]

How To Earn Money From YouTube in India in 2023

how to earn money from youtube in india

YouTube is one of the most significant platforms to showcase your skills and work to the world. The world is now shifting from content reading to watching videos. Before we dive into how to earn money from YouTube in India, let’s see some of the mind-blowing facts about YouTube. Facts About YouTube Something extraordinary, isn’t […]

Final Year Engineering Project Ideas for Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Final Year Engineering Projects

In the engineering course curriculum, it is compulsory to do a project in the final year of the course. This final year project plays an essential role in the whole engineering degree as well as in students career opportunities. It takes a lot of effort to find the topic for the final year engineering projects. […]

MBA in IT and Systems – A Quick Synopsis

mba in it

MBA in Information Technology (IT) is a prevalent degree in business administration and Information Technology discipline. It has become an essential requirement for the industry. An IT Professional with the knowledge of business administration can go for managerial positions in an IT organization. Let’s go through every aspect of the degree. What is an MBA […]

Career Options After 10th Class – The Complete Guide

After 10th 1

The next phase of education after 10th is significantly crucial. Every student has to choose a popular stream such as Science, Commerce and Arts. These are intermediate courses with two years duration after 10th. Some go for Polytechnic diploma courses in various engineering fields while some go for Industrial Training. The primary concern for the […]

Difference Between BE and BTech – A Detailed Overview

difference between be and btech

After completing high school, the engineering trend is going on for decades and will continue for many more years. For Engineering Aspirants, after completing high school, the main question often arises that what is the difference between BE and B tech. The experts from the particular field have answered the questions, but many points are […]

India Year Book 2021 – Everything You Need to Know

India Year Book 2021

The 2021 Edition of India Year Book will be arguably the essential Book of the Year. The Yearbook will feature every relevant information about various topics in the country. India Year Book 2021 will be necessary for every citizen of the country since the year 2020 has been chaos for the whole world. Information in […]